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Talks & Social event
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 Talk 1  Mechanical properties of materials from ab initio calculations


Rajeev Ahuja

 (Uppsala University, Sweden)



 Talk   On viscoplasticity and fracture of an epoxy resin  

Amine Benzerga  

(Texas A&M University, USA)


 Talk 3    Micromechanics of random heterogeneous media. New background opportunities, and prospects


Valeriy Buryachenko  

(Micromechanics & Composites LLC, Dayton, USA)



 Talk 4   Contribution to constitutive modeling of homogeneous and composite polymers based on macroscopic or multiscale methods


Issam Doghri

(Louvain Catholic University, Belgium)



 Talk 5   Modeling the electromechanical response of polymer-ionic liquid transducers

Aleksey D. Drozdov

(Danish Technological Institute, Denmark) 



 Talk 6   Multi-scale modelling of glassy polymer fracture from low to high rates

Rafael Estevez

(Grenoble University, France)



 Talk 7   Deformation-induced change in long-term mechanical properties of polyetylene  

Ben Jar

(Alberta University, Canada)



 Talk 8   Multiscale mechanics of elastomers based on polymer chains length statistics 

Mikhail Itskov

(RWTH Aachen University, Germany) 



 Talk 9   Void nucleation and anisotropic growth on semi-crystalline polymers by X-ray tomography: 

Application to constitutive modeling  

Lucien Laiarinandrasana

(Mines Paris, France)



  Talk 10   The influence of temperature and orientation on low cycle fatigue for anisotropic Nickel based single crystal supperalloy

Huiji Shi

(Tsinghua University, China)



 Talk 11   Effect of magnetic fields on the fatigue behavior of cracked magnetostrictive materials in three-point bending  

  Yasuhide Shindo

(Tohoku University, Japan)



 Talk 12   Polymer degradation in drag reducing flows


Edson José Soares

(Espírito Santo Federal University, Brazil)



 Talk 13   Magneto-active polymers: challenges in the fabrication, testing, modelling and simulation 


Jean-Paul Pelteret               Paul Steinmann

(Erlangen-Nürnberg University, Germany) 



  Talk 14   Phase transition behavior of nanocrystalline shape memory alloys: Roles of material internal length scales

Qingping Sun

(The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, China)



 Talk 15   Concurrent multiscale modeling of amorphous materials    

Vincent B.C. Tan

(National University of Singapore, Singapore)



 Talk 16  Modeling elasto-viscoplastic time-dependent materials: State-of-the art and future challenges

   Roney Leon Thompson

(Federal Fluminense University, Brazil)



 Talk 17   Numerical simulation of three-dimensional non-newtonian free surface flows

  Murilo F. Tome

(University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)



  Talk 18   The transition in the behavior of polycrystals between coarse grained to ultra-fine-grained structures due to severe plastic deformation


Laszlo S. Toth 

(Lorraine University, France)



  Talk 19   Abnormal thermal expansion and correlated magnetic, electronic transport in antiperovskite Mn3XN compounds

Cong Wang

(Beihang University, China)



 Talk 20   Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (KDP) crystals: Their properties and mechanics

  Liangchi Zhang

(University of New South Wales, Australia)




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