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Be amazed by the capital of the North!


Alternately Flemish, Spanish and Austrian, Lille offers a rare compendium of architectural beauty, where Gothic cathedrals, colorful houses of Flemish architecture alongside modern architecture of the Euralille business district.


With its modernity and dynamism, Lille has managed to rise to the level of European city, it was the capital in 2004. Real regional and European metropolis, it is less than 60 minutes from Paris, 35 minutes from Brussels and 80 minutes from London.


You can walk in Vieux-Lille, quaint and friendly neighborhood, lined with grand bourgeois homes with decorated facades and always lively brasseries.


You can explore the landmark of Lille, the Grand-Place surrounded by large terraces and flamboyant baroque facades that mark the richness of the city. Each year, the place hosts major events, and in particular in May: concerts, flower market, etc.


Stroll to the Rihour site, you will find many restaurants and cafes, shops, also in adjacent streets. Be sure to check out the Rihour Palace, the last vestige of the presence of the Dukes of Burgundy at Lille.


A true jewel of the capital of the North, you will be surprised by the Belfry of the Town Hall. At the foot of this colossus of 105 meters, you will be greeted by Lydéric and Phinaert, giants of Lille. From the top of the Belfry, you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the city and its surroundings.


Around the Citadel of Lille, the Bois de Boulogne offers a haven away from the bustle of the city, where you can stroll along the Deule.


The good humor of this diverse city and the quality of shops will seduce you! The waffles with vanilla of the famous Meert pastry are already an invitation to travel.



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