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 Contributions may address issues along the general topics, including but not limited to the following:


 Time-dependent mechanics

·    Visco-elasticity, visco-plasticity, visco-damage, etc.

·   Metals and metallic alloys, e.g. effect of interfaces (grain boundaries / inclusions), phase transformation, texture evolution in polycrystals, etc. 

·   Polymers and related composites, e.g. finite strain constitutive equations, response upon complex and / or cyclic loading, strain-induced structural evolution, ageing, etc.

·      Dynamic behavior of solid materials

·    Complex fluids dynamics, e.g. polymeric fluids (polymer-induced drag reduction flows, etc.), foams, suspensions, etc.

·      Rheology and processing of complex fluids, e.g. extrusion, injection molding, etc.


- Coupled mechanics

·     Smart and multi-functional materials, e.g. coupling with electrical and magnetic effects (electro-active / magneto-active polymers and composites, electro-rheological / magneto-rheological fluids, piezoceramics, etc.)

·      Shape memory alloys (coupling with temperature / diffusion / chemistry) 

·      Coupled multi-physics phenomena (e.g. thermo-mechanical, chemo-mechanical, etc.)


- Multi-scale modeling

·      Homogenization-based modeling (theoretical and computational homogenization)

·      Effective transport / property coefficients determination (viscosity, diffusivity, etc.)

·      Atomistic and quantum modeling

·      Inverse problems and optimization in multi-scale mechanics


- Damage, fracture and fatigue 

·      Damage constitutive modeling

·      Fracture at low-stress triaxiality

·      Damage characterization and fracture analysis

·      Multi-axial experiments

·      Lifetime predictions


- Instrumentation and measurements at macro-scale

·      Full-field kinematics measurements

·      Heterogeneous tests

·      Model identification


- Nano and micro-scale experiments

·     In-situ observation at different scales (microscopy and diffraction)

·     Microrheology, microfluidics of complex fluids

·     Nanocomposite structure

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